Acceptable Use Policy

The Few Don'ts to be Careful of

We are proponents of freedom of speech and therefore, do not place any restrictions on contents as long as it does not violates the laws of the state where server infrastructure is located. The following, however, are not permitted under any circumstances:

  • Bestiality and child pornography
  • Racism, hate speech and incitement to hostility and violence
  • Phishing and scam sites
  • Botnet scripts, IRC and SIP scanners
  • Brute force attacks and DDoS
  • Trojans, viruses and malware distribution
  • Network abuse and IP spoofing
  • Anything else that would result in Spamhaus listing

Dedicated hosting servers and virtual private servers are not permitted to be used for streaming purposes.

The use of our shared hosting is subject to fair usage at all times and the following is additionally not permitted:

  • Standalone server side processes
  • More than 300 http(s) requests per 120 seconds
  • Cron jobs with time intervals of less than 30 minutes
  • File sharing activities, including BitTorrent